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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Private Stoc's Red Skye at Morning

IMG_0112, originally uploaded by lynnewu.

Her full name was "Private Stoc's Red Skye at Morning", but we just called her Skye. She was the offspring of a New Mexican Aussie and a Newfoundland Aussie, which means she was *big*. 60 pounds, all of it goofy.
As dogs go, she was pretty smart, but she never understood the idea of "under". She got "left", "right", and "behind", but for some reason the idea of "under" wasn't something she could do.
As a puppy, we brought her home and she immediately rounded up the ducks, but didn't know what to do with them, so she just ran in circles around them, not even barking. eventually we got her a big, hard plastic ball that she would herd around the backyard until her nose was bloody from rubbing against it.

Update:  the vet said it’s an inoperable, untreatable, and poorly differentiated spindle cell tumor.  She’s got a couple months, it would seem.  Good dog.

I noticed that my blog is showing ads for quack [pet] cancer cures, and would like to let these assholes know that if I’m ever in the same universe with them, I’m going to give them cancer and an unlimited supply of their products. You people are thoughtless, stupid, hateful assholes.  If you were in the same room with Skye, I’d tell her you were a cat.  Die already, won’t you?

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Fogwoman Gray said...

Oh damn it Lynne - I am so very, very sorry.