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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Free Invention: Police Art Auto Sketch

It’s known that people display facial cues when they recognize faces. This invention uses a computer with an attached camera to watch the users face for “recognition cues” as they look at randomly-generated faces.  When this occurs, the number of changeable facial components is reduced by one and then the random changes are resumed.  As the face becomes more recognizable, the user will generate additional facial cues which then further direct the evolution of the sketch’s facial features.

This application can be further enhanced by providing a facial-structure database that helps to direct facial feature evolution along typical racial/age lines to reduce evolution time.

This application could be enhanced by measuring cues in addition to the users facial responses, such as blood pressure, respiration, etc.

I publish these to help stave off more idiotic software-based patents.

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raver1975 said...

Thats a good idea for my Mind Reader project: